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Rocket Sprinkler

Rocket Sprinkler

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Rocket Launcher Sprinkler


  • Splash Rocket Sprinkler Toy】Recently independently developed water sprayer, the water column is concentrated and not easy to disperse, which can make the rocket rise and fall smoothly or hang in the air. The rocket will rise to different heights depending on the water pressure. The rocket head acts as a water spout to splash water, and adults and children can play under the splash.
  • 【Easy Install and Use】Rocket Launcher Sprinkler Toys for Kids installs without tools.You just need to connect your usual garden hose to the water outlet and the rocket sprinkler head. You can control the water pressure by controlling the switch of the water outlet to make the rocket reach the height you want. Water will spray from the rocket head. Note: Please operate slowly when turning the switch on or off. Flying too high will affect the stability of the rocket.NO recommended to fly too high.
  • 【Durable Material】 The rocket sprinkler is made of Eco-friendly ABS material, safe and sturdy, durable and long lasting, perfect to bring your kids or pets a lot of fun in hot summer days.
  • 【DIY Rocket Sprinkler】Our rocket sprinkler has a very cute cartoon shape. The product comes with cartoon stickers, and you can freely paste cartoon patterns on the rocket according to the schematic diagram of the packaging box. Better exercise children's learning ability, but also can develop children's thinking.



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