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Chromatic Heal ™

Chromatic Heal ™

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Chromatic Heal ™


 🌟 Relieves fatigue and improve sleep quality, good for physical and mental health. Reduce the production of cellulite. Accelerate the production of skin collagen. Enhance skin radiance and elasticity, promote metabolism, help shape weight loss and detoxification. Relieve soreness.

⏰ The Red Light Therapy can penetrate deeply into the skin and joints, relieve fatigue, relax the muscles. Duration settings are 5-30 minutes.

💆‍♂️ This infrared light therapy for arm selects the appropriate time according to different functions. Different hours are available for fat reduction, wound healing, skin rejuvenation, muscle and pain relief, chronic fatigue, etc.


Package Contents:

Physical therapy belt*1

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