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Red Aura Rehab ™

Red Aura Rehab ™

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Red Aura Rehab ™


🌟 Red light can promote the growth of skin collagen, carry out deep skin beauty maintenance, eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, and also promote skin aerobic respiration and help blood circulation.  

❤️‍🔥 Can be hung or placed independently. You can read a book on the bed, watch TV on the sofa, and use LED light panel while playing computer games. Use for 10-20 minutes every time and do 2-14 times every week according to your body requirements.

 ✨ Therefore, it accelerates cell metabolism and blood circulation of capillaries, diminishes freckles and red blood streak and has an effect that can not be ignored against aging.


Package Content: 

1 x LED Therapy Light


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