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Octavian Obsessions

Atmosphere Lamp

Atmosphere Lamp

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- High light transmittance lampshade. Through the lampshade, the light is soft and warm, presenting a romantic and classical sensory experience.
- Translucent lamp post. The unique luminous pattern adds a sense of atmosphere and creates a romantic atmosphere.
-  Gentle and warm colors. The light is stable and the illumination is uniform, which can reduce eye damage.
- Touch switch. Lightly touch the metal cover at the bottom, three gears can be adjusted, and a long press can realize step-less dimming.
- Convenient charging. Equipped with a Type-C power cord, and a variety of options for charging and use, the red light is on during charging, and the blue light is on when fully charged.
- The built-in 18650 lithium battery lights up wirelessly, making it a warm companion anytime, anywhere.

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