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Baby Heartbeat Monitor (pink)

Baby Heartbeat Monitor (pink)

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  • Accurately identify the weak fetal movement signal, you can hear the baby's fetal heart rate fluctuations after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Equipped with a noise reduction and sound insulation unit inside the fuselage, other noises in the abdominal cavity except the fetal heart can be reduced, and the sound output is clearer.
  • The autocorrelation algorithm can effectively eliminate the interference caused by the external environment, suppress the noise in the echo signal to improve accuracy, reduce the amount of calculation, increase the response speed, and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
  • The fuselage and the probe are connected by an extendable data cable, which is convenient for the extension and replacement of the probe and can meet the needs of various measurement postures.
  • The earphone listens to avoid external noise interference, and it is easier to accurately monitor the fetal heart sound. Amplify and share, share the baby's heartbeat rhythm with family and friends.
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