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Cooling Neck Wrap

Cooling Neck Wrap

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  • Cooling Summer Time - In order to cope with the summer heat, we designed a wearable neck cooling ring for people , which can achieve rapid physical cooling and enjoy coolness, especially for those with hot flashes and outdoor workers.
  • Frozen Quickly, Longer Cooling Time - Enjoy up to 40 minutes of refreshing coolness. Rapid freezing in refrigerator, freezer or iced water. If you want longer cool time, please ensure the liquid is totally frozen.
  • Durable material & Reusable - We selected the best fabric with strong sewing doesn’t allow tearing or breaking. No leak of liquid. No condense when use. The outer material of neck tube is made with durable material and can be used repeatedly by freezing it again every time it melts
  • Easy to Carry and Use Anywhere - The neck cooler tube is safe, toxin-free, and Environment friendly. It is light and compact, very convenient for storage. The cooling necklace is pretty handy to keep in the freezer and just grab whenever you want a quick cool down after doing work or being out in the hot sun. Very convenient to use.
  • One Size fits All - The neck cooling tube’s design allows it to fit comfortably on people of all different sizes. Its weight just enough to keep it around the neck snugly , without causing any stress to the spine or fall off when you moving around.
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